Tools for GNS3 GUI
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Tools for GNS3 GUI

Tools are executables, that are called by the GNS3 GUI. They normally use the GNS3 API ( to query and/or modify the current project.

The tools are stored in the GNS3 -> tools folder. A project must be open, to use/start them. They are called by the GUI with the following parameters:

No. Parameter
1 GNS3 version (for compatibility checks)
2 Filename of connection setup parameters
3 Project UUID, if a project is open
4+ List of selected items, can be empty

The file with the connection setup parameters contains three lines with the URL, username and password for connecting to the controller. If the filename has a .tmp extension it may be deleted after use.

An item consists of it's UUID prefixed by nodes/ for node items, text_drawings/ for text items and drawings/ for all other graphical elements. Links are currently not included in the item list.

The tool can be accompanied by a JSON file, with the same base name as the tool, but with the .json extension.

It can set the following options:

Option Meaning Allowed Values Default
name name of tool any string base name
menu show in main menu "disable" / "enable" / "always" "enable"
context show in context menu "disable" / "enable" / "node" "enable"
terminal run in terminal window false / true false
confirm_close confirm closing terminal "disable" / "enable" / "on_error" "enable"

The menu option "enable" activates a tool only if a project is open, "always" will enable it in any case. With the context option "node" a tool is only shown in the context menu, when at least one node is selected. Instead of "disable" or "enable" the boolean values false / true can be used.

Example of a .json file:

    "name": "Test tool",
    "menu": false,
    "context": "node",
    "terminal": true