Collection of GNS3 GUI Tools
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GNS3 Tools

This is my collection of tools, integrated into the GNS3 GUI, see for details. These tools are licensed under the GPLv3 license.


  • Python 3 installed
  • gns3-gui-tools integrated into GNS3.
  • gns3api installed or copied to the GNS3/tools folder.
  • The simple widget modules and copied to the GNS3/tools folder.


  • adapter_count - change the number of adapters
  • close_project - close current GNS3 project
  • console_port - change console port of one or more nodes
  • export_template - export template as GNS3 appliance
  • link_resume - resume links of all/selected nodes
  • nodes_log - get log of nodes
  • paste - send list of commands one by one to a cisco/juniper node
  • start_nodes - start nodes of a project one by one

Copy the desired tools and their accompanied .json files to the GNS3/tools folder, then restart the GNS3 GUI.