Collection of GNS3 GUI Tools
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Close Project - close GNS3 project
import os
import sys
import gns3api
from qt_widgets import SimpleWidgets
def die(text):
""" terminate program with error message """
SimpleWidgets().alert(None, text)
# get command line parameter
if len(sys.argv) < 4:
die("usage: close_project version parameter-file project-id [sel-item ...]")
with open(sys.argv[2], "r") as file:
cntl_url, cntl_user, cntl_passwd, *_ =
if sys.argv[2].endswith(".tmp"):
except (OSError, ValueError) as err:
die("Can't get controller connection params: {}".format(err))
project_id = sys.argv[3]
# connect to GNS3 controller
api = gns3api.GNS3Api(cntl_url, cntl_user, cntl_passwd)
except gns3api.GNS3ApiException as err:
die("Can't connect to GNS3 controller: {}".format(err))
api.request("POST", ("/v2/projects", project_id, "close"))