Collection of GNS3 GUI Tools
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start_nodes - start nodes of a project one by one
import os
import sys
import time
import gns3api
def start_node_list(api, node_list):
""" start nodes, yield sleeps the specified number of seconds """
delay_next_node = 0
for node in node_list:
if delay_next_node > 0: # delay between starting nodes
yield delay_next_node
while True:
compute = api.request('GET', ('/v2/computes', node['compute_id']))
if compute['cpu_usage_percent'] < 60.0:
yield 4 # test again in 4 seconds
print("Starting '{}'".format(node['name']))
api.request("POST", ("/v2/projects", node['project_id'],
'nodes', node['node_id'], 'start'))
if node['node_type'] in ("qemu", "virtualbox", "vmware"):
delay_next_node = 4
delay_next_node = 2
def start_nodes(argv):
""" parse command line, retrieve nodes and start nodes one by one """
# get arguments
if len(argv) < 4:
sys.exit("usage:\nstart_nodes version parameter-file project-id [sel-item ...]")
with open(argv[2], "r") as file:
cntl_url, cntl_user, cntl_passwd, *_ =
if argv[2].endswith(".tmp"):
except (OSError, ValueError) as err:
sys.exit("Can't get controller connection params: {}".format(err))
project_id = argv[3]
sel_items = argv[4:]
# connect to GNS3 controller
api = gns3api.GNS3Api(cntl_url, cntl_user, cntl_passwd)
except gns3api.GNS3ApiException as err:
sys.exit("Can't connect to GNS3 controller: {}".format(err))
# get node information
nodes = {}
for node in api.request('GET', ('/v2/projects', project_id, 'nodes')):
nodes[node['node_id']] = node
except gns3api.GNS3ApiException as err:
sys.exit("Can't get node information: {}".format(err))
if not nodes:
sys.exit("No node in project")
# get selected nodes
if not sel_items:
sel_nodes = list(nodes.keys())
sel_nodes = [item[6:] for item in sel_items
if item.startswith("nodes/")]
if not sel_nodes:
sys.exit("No node selected")
sel_nodes.sort(key=lambda k: nodes[k]['name'].lower())
# create nodes list per compute
compute_nodes = {}
for node_id in sel_nodes:
node = nodes[node_id]
if node['status'] != 'started':
compute_nodes.setdefault(node['compute_id'], []).append(node)
# iterate through compute_nodes and start them
print("Starting nodes one by one")
tasks = {compute_id: {
'iter': start_node_list(api, compute_nodes[compute_id]),
'delay': 0}
for compute_id in compute_nodes}
while tasks:
delay = min([tasks[compute_id]['delay'] for compute_id in tasks])
if delay > 0.09:
for compute_id in list(tasks.keys()):
tasks[compute_id]['delay'] -= delay
if tasks[compute_id]['delay'] <= 0.09:
tasks[compute_id]['delay'] = \
max(0, next(tasks[compute_id]['iter']))
except StopIteration:
del tasks[compute_id]
except gns3api.GNS3ApiException as err:
sys.exit("Can't start node: {}".format(err))
except KeyboardInterrupt: