qemu-mount - Tools for mounting QEMU images
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qemu-mount - Tools for mounting QEMU images

These tools allow it to inspect and modify QEMU images within Linux. Internally they use qemu-nbd, the QEMU Disk Network Block Device Server. That takes a VM disk image, supported by QEMU, and exports it as a NBD device. This NBD device can be mounted and then used as any other disk. It needs no extra packages, just QEMU.

The qemu-mount scripts hide the use of NBD, they offer a similar interface as the normal mount tools. The scripts can be used as a normal user, the privileged commands are then started with sudo.

qemu-part - show partition table

qemu-part shows the partition table of a qemu image, just use qemu-part <qemu_image>.

qemu-mount - mount QEMU image

qemu-mount has the following usage:

Usage: qemu-mount [OPTIONS] qemu_image mount_point

  -p partition_number      select, which partition to mount, default #1
  -r                       mount read-only
  -t fstype                set filesystem type
  -o mount_options         additional mount options
  -u                       set owner to current user

Without arguments it prints a list of mounted images.

qemu-umount - unmount mounted QEMU image

The usage of qemu-umount is simple, qemu-umount <qemu_image or mount_point>.